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Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger Review

Those of us that take the electrical grid for granted, should realize how important it is to have power at our disposable, no matter how small. In my continual quest to become more self sufficient, one area I’ve focused on is solar. The advertisements and reviews I’ve seen about the Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger, … Read more

5 Reasons To Grow Heirloom Vegetables

Ok so here it goes. Another hot topic.  One issue at our garden club that seems to continually come up is, Hybrid vs Heirloom. Which is better?  I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t grow hybrids. If it gets you outside in the sun and gets your fingernails dirty, I’m all for it. For what it’s worth, … Read more

Family Seed Planting Chart

What To Grow For A Family of 4 What a family of 4 needs to grow for a one year supply of food The following chart is only an estimation. Some would need more, others less. You must make your own adjustments. Type of Vegetable/Fruit Amount of Plants Needed Spacing (if row) Apple 3 Trees … Read more

The Mini Umbrella

The Forgotten Prepper Tool One thing that seems to always be missing from everyone’s EDC kit, is the much needed umbrella.  In many ways this baffles me. I suppose it might be the fact that a lot of them carry the small ponchos like the Adult Rain Poncho by totes. I do have a few … Read more

My Bugout Bag

  Most people that know me, understand I never call my survival bag a “bug out bag”. But so many people have asked me to do a write up that I had to accommodate them with the title. I really don’t like the term “bug out bag”. It’s just getting old and everybody and their … Read more

Survival Gardening – The Perennial Tree Collard

When people ask me what pants are best for survival gardening, I always tell them to grow perennials along with your regular summer annuals. One of my favorites is the purple tree collard. In this video, I will explain a little about them and why I believe everyone in warmer climates should grow them.

DIY Make Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash

This is my recipe for a fruit and vegetable wash. Even if you buy organic, you’re still not sure where the fruit has been or how many people have touched it. It’s always best to give it a good wash and a rinse. This solution will help remove bacteria, germs, pesticide and wax. Although I … Read more