The Mini Umbrella

The Forgotten Prepper Tool

One thing that seems to always be missing from everyone’s EDC kit, is the much needed umbrella.  In many ways this baffles me. I suppose it might be the fact that a lot of them carry the small ponchos like the Adult Rain Poncho by totes.

I do have a few of the ponchos and they work amazingly well. However, one must remember that with the ponchos, the rain falls right off the front of your face, making it nearly impossible to use things like binoculars and cameras. And the biggest disadvantage for me, is that the hoods limit my peripheral vision. And we all know the dangers that can present, especially in a hazardous situation.

The Totes Mini Auto Open/Auto Close Umbrella is the perfect solution.

With its auto open and auto close feature, You can hand-hold it with one hand and use your gear with the other. In many cases I prefer an umbrella over a poncho.
Of course no umbrella works very well in the wind.
I suggest you throw one in your backpack. I think you’ll agree they can be quite beneficial.