Cucumber – Lemon
The flavor of these little gems is sweet and mild. Excellent for salads.
Harvested from my own plants Aug 2017.
Pkg contains about 15 seeds $2.00

Goji Berry
All seeds are harvested from my own plants. I collected these from the original plants shown in my Youtube videos. Pkg contains about 25 seeds $2.00

 Lettuce – SloBolt
This lettuce lives up to its name. 45-60 days – A looseleaf variety Dating back to 1946. I have grown this consistently for the past 4 years and it has never failed to produce even in 80+ temps. This has become a staple in my garden. Pkg contains about 50 seeds $2.00

Pepper – Jalapeno
75 days. Small 3” short season peppers. Great for cooler climates. Plant is only 2’ tall but should be supported due to the large amount of fruit. I’ve also grown this indoors in winter with great success. These seeds were harvested from my 8 year old Jalapeno plant shown in my Youtube videos.
Seed harvested July 2016.
pkg contains about 20 seeds   $2.00

Tomato – Giant Belgium
85 days. Average one to two pounds each and are dark pink in color. They have a sweet, mild, low acid flavor. An excellent slicing variety and makes good juice.
Seed harvested Aug 2017. pkg contains about 20 seeds. $2.00

Tomato – Yellow Pear
80 days. Very sweet, 1- 1/2” yellow, pear-shaped fruits with mild flavor. Great for fresh eating or for making tomato preserves. Very productive plants are easy to grow.
Seed harvested Aug 2017. pkg contains about 20 seeds. $2.00

Tomato – Ukranian Purple
80 days. 3-4″ Plum shaped fruits. Sweet and meaty. A continual staple in my garden. Produces well year after year. Indeterminate. pkg contains about 20 seeds. $2.00