About Grow Your Heirlooms

We are passionate about preserving our history. As agribusiness grows, small seed companies are being bought out at an alarming rate. Genetic engineering and hybridization are becoming all too common. Much of our seed diversity is being lost. Once these seeds are no longer grown out and saved, they are gone forever.
Although this site suggests we are all about heirlooms, we are more about preservation. This means we also grow open-pollinated plants without regard to its age or history.

Our Mission

This website exists to teach others how to grow, manage, produce and store their own food. Then to save the seeds to grow the following year. In doing this they become self sufficient.

This education consists of seminars, get-togethers and social media correspondence.

We also want to educate others about the tragic happenings within our food industry, particularly within the produce sector. Small family farms are being choked out by large agribusinesses growing genetically modified, or at the least, hybridized vegetables. We believe this damages not only our planets soil, but the future of our food chain. When a small percentage of corporations start to own our food supply, they control not only the people, but our destiny. No person or corporation should have the right to own life. We consider this a modern day slavery.

We also desire to see more people growing their own food. Not necessarily on a large scale. Once they learn how to grow their own, we believe it becomes so infectious that they will want to expand their gardens. If a person starts eating food directly out of their own gardens, they will never want to eat store bought again.

We also support buying local organic grown produce from farmer’s markets and small farm stands. In doing so, you support small families working very hard to provide the best food possible.

We condemn the use of commercial fertilizer and pesticide use on the earth. It destroys essential micro organisms and upsets the balance needed to create healthy vitamin rich soil that produces vegetables high in natural vitamins and minerals.

How You Can Help

We’ve donated thousands of heirloom seeds to individuals who either can’t afford to buy their own, or needed them to help community organizations dedicated to helping others through food distribution. If you would like to help, please visit our contact page.