My Bugout Bag



Most people that know me, understand I never call my survival bag a “bug out bag”. But so many people have asked me to do a write up that I had to accommodate them with the title. I really don’t like the term “bug out bag”. It’s just getting old and everybody and their uncle are making videos on them.

Bug out bags are supposed to be for bugging out, but after scouring the internet, it’s almost impossible to find anyone that has actually bugged out or used their bags. Not even in mock situations.  So it stands to reason that I’m incredibly exhausted and feel tired all over every time I hear or read the words “bug out bag”. I suspect that most people with bug out bag videos, wouldn’t even survive one night with their arsenal. I mean seriously, how many of them have actually USED a mini fishing kit? I tried once many years ago and tossed it in the trash. The darn thing was too flimsy to even hold my worm.

I prefer to call mine a survival bag cause really, isn’t that what it is? I know why some would only use it if they “bugged out”. So I understand the term. But the phrase has become so mundane I believe it’s lost its meaning.

So here is my SURVIVAL BAG.

Firstly, I’m about gardening. So it stands to reason I intend to stay put if disaster strikes.

However, there are definitely times where staying put would cause considerable harm. Therefore, I certainly do have what I call a “Survival Bag”

The only scenario I could conceive, considering where I live, would be some type of storm or fire.

In case of wind or fire, I am confident I would have enough time to pack a few essentials into the car before departing.
However, my bag is packed with the possibility of ditching the car and hoofing it. So, I guess I do have a bug out bag after all.

My Survival Bag Contents.
I have broken down my needs into 12 categories. They are as follows:

1. Food
2. Water
3. Hygiene Kit
4. First Aid
5. Power Kit
6. Media Kit
7. Grapple Kit
8. Shelter Kit
9. Comfort Kit
10. Communications
11. Sleep Kit
12. Tool Kit

Each kit is packed individually in its own pouch or bag and easily identifiable.  They are either attached to my bag, or put in the large compartment. But still, everything goes with me. I travel prepared.

What do I carry?

My Bag

My bag of choice is the Condor Compact Assault Pack. Now before you ask why I carry an assault pack, let me explain. The assault pack is of much thicker material and I believe a better made pack than the regular carry backpack. It just feels more comfortable. I also carry many molle attachments to it.

Condor Assault Pack

I also carry 3 of the Condor Pocket Pouch/US Patch. They are small and attach very easily to the pack.

Condor Pouch

Next I have 3 of the Condor T and T Pouch (Tan)

Condor T&T Pouch

These hold my Fire kit, Writing/Comm kit and the Hygiene kit.

I recommend that you also break down your gear into kits. That way you can find them when you need them.  I’ve seen so many people just jam their gear into one big backpack. I hate to think what would happen if they ever needed even the smallest item. It would be impossible to find it.

I will be doing a video soon about all the gear I carry and which kits go into each pouch or pack. So stay tuned
But as it stands, I hope I never have to use them. But they’re there just in case. I suggest you do the same. You never know what could happen.