How To Remove Pomegranate Seeds Quick & Easy

A quick and easy way to remove the seeds of a pomegranate. The key steps are: 1. Roll the fruit around to loosen the seeds up (you can hear the crunching) 2. Cut around the circumference, making you should don’t cut through the center 3. Pry it directly open. 4. Hold the fruit cut side … Read more

Billions of Seeds Everywhere

The seed catalogs are starting to come in. I just love looking through them. But the last few years have got me thinking “what a racket these guys have going”. They know we’re going to order way more than we need. But I have a better solution. In this video I explain why you should … Read more

Jalapeno Carelessness

I have been de-hybridizing a jalapeno pepper for about 4 years now. Every year I have saved the seeds and replanted. The first year I was very careful when handling the seeds. I wore gloves and carefully placed the seeds in plastic envelopes. I did however test the seeds for heat the first year and … Read more

FREE Seed Inventory Spreadsheet

Keep track of your seed inventory with this spreadsheet. Don’t let your seeds get past their viability ever again. Download it to your mobile devices and take it with you wherever you go. Storing seeds, particularly heirlooms, is a great way to save money and preserve our food heritage. Download the spreadsheet here

How To Store And Organize Your Seed Collection

It may not be as sophisticated as the svalbard seed vault, but it is certainly adequate for my needs. I finally broke down and built storage boxes for my seed collection. Storing seeds, particularly heirlooms, is a great way to save money and preserve our food heritage. I built these storage boxes inexpensively from 1×4 … Read more

How To Save Cherry Tomato Seeds

Saving cherry tomato seeds is easy. Every grower should learn. I’m saving seeds from a hybrid I’m trying to stabilize. This will be the second year saving them

Saving Tomato Seeds

Start with a healthy tomato from a healthy plant. Free of disease with characteristics you desire.   Cut around the circumference splitting the tomato into two halves. Squeeze the seeds and pulp out, either directly into a jar or onto a plate. Put all the pulp into a jar. I use Mason jars. Add clean … Read more

Make Your Own Seed Envelopes For Cheap

In this video, I will show you how I make quick and easy seed envelopes to use if you’re out and about and need to store your seeds. They are also good for giving to others.

How To Save Pepper Seeds

Saving pepper seeds is not only economical, but just about the easiest of all seeds to save. In this video I will show you how to save your pepper seeds. One word of caution:  If you are saving HOT pepper seeds, make sure you wear protective gloves and dispose of them when done.