The Benefits of Growing a Vertical Garden

Before using the Greenstalk Vertical Grow System, I always believed the best way to garden was either directly in the ground or in raised beds. I never considered using any kind of vertical system. My reasons were varied. However, my greatest concern was crowding. I assumed that cramming too much into one space would certainly cause disease problems. Without proper circulation, I was just asking for trouble.

I was wrong

Since using a vertical grow system, I must say I ‘m convinced this is a great addition to my traditional gardening methods. I’m not advocating abandoning your raised beds or traditional in-the-ground garden. But I do suggest you give vertical gardening a try.

vertical garden
Greenstalk Vertical grow system

Benefits of growing vertically

Air Circulation

One reason I resisted vertical gardening in a tower was air circulation. I thought putting too many plants together in one area would not allow proper air to flow around them. As it turns out, circulation is actually improved as each section is far enough away from the others so it’s not a problem. And the fact it is elevated actually helps with air flow underneath the unit.


Since I put the whole tower on a cement walkway, no crawling bugs are even coming near it. This is especially great for anyone dealing with slugs. I haven’t seen any. And I’m not sure, but for some reason, flying insects are bothering it less than my raised beds. The only pest problem I’ve noticed is white butterflies trying to land on my broccoli. Actually it’s the white cabbage butterfly. I refuse to let them lay their larvae on anything in my garden so as soon as I see them, I attack them. I never allow them in my garden so the fact that I am growing in the grow tower is irrelevant.


Of course, this system is designed to make watering even easier as it has a top reservoir that you fill which allows the water to flow down into the lower pots consecutively, watering the plants as it grows. However, if you’ve watched my update video, you will see that I filled the top watering pot with dirt and am growing spinach and chard in it. I do have to water manually, which takes all of 30 seconds.


Smaller footprint

Currently I am growing 36 plants in the tower. I also have a 3’ x 8’ bed only 3 feet away from it that has 24 plants growing in it. So the bed is 24 square feet and the tower is about 9 square feet. You can see how much less space it takes up yet grows more plants. This is definitely something to consider if you’re tight on space. It’s especially beneficial for people that live in apartments or rentals with little space to garden.



If you have trouble bending down, are in a wheel chair or if you have any kind of health issue that prevent you from kneeling, a vertical grow system is a must for you. Only the lowest section require you to bend down as low as a ground level bed. For me, the top section is almost chest level, allowing easy picking.

If you haven’t considered growing vertically, I want to encourage you to give it a try. Hopefully, the list of benefits should persuade you to at least think about it.
If the Greenstalk system is a little too pricey for you, do a search on Amazon and see what is available. I’m convinced you won’t be disappointed.