Break The
Grocery Store Dependency

Container and
Raised Bed Gardening

Controlling Garden Pests
and Diseases

shoppingcart raised-veg-box aphid-on-rose
Breaking the grocery store dependency
Providing health for my family
What vegetable do I grow?
How much do I need to grow?
Can I grow year round?
Raising chickens
Growing organic and GMO free
Outdoor growing
The pros and cons of container gardening
Best soil mix to use
Where to grow
Container and Bed material
– drainage
– protect plastic containers from sun and freeze (wood is best)
– hanging basket wok well to maximize space

Growing Indoors

Keeping Backyard Chickens

Seed Saving and Storage




What growing medium to use
Picking the right varieties
What containers to use
Planting your seeds
Controlling pests
2 hrs
Incubating your own chicks
Ordering Your Chicks Through The Mail
What breeds of chicks do I order?
Do I need a rooster?
Medications and vaccinations
Setting up a brooder
What to when to baby chicks arrive
What to feed baby chicks
Building a chicken coop
Building the chicken run
Free range or not?
When to move the chicks out to the coop
What do chickens eat and drink?
Building a feeder
Storing feed
Setting up a watering system
Growing fodder
Predator protection
Building egg boxes
Food scraps in one end, fertilizer out the other
Chicken health
Storing eggs
What to do with a broody hen