The Windowbox Roma Project


Why Growing Medium Does Make A Difference


May 15
I started Windowbox Roma from Seed. Both seeds were started in a general potting soil mix purchased from a local store.
However, 4 weeks later and both were still only about 1″ tall and looking very frail.

June 15th
I repotted the seedling on the right into a new mix of:
1 part peat moss
1 part perlite
1 part potting mix

2 weeks later, you can tell a major difference. The repotted plant has taken off. It is lush, green and healthy, putting out many new leaves.
As the one on the left that was kept in the pure potting soil has only grown about 1/2″ and has not put out any new leaves.

The seedling will still have to be replanted into a better mix. There are just not enough nutrients in the mix to provide adequate food for the plant to survive.
I will be replanting it into a mix of mostly compost, potting soil and a small amount of perlite.

As with all potted plants, they will need continual care as far as nutrients go. I will be watering with compost tea weekly.

The conclusion:
Growing medium plays a significant role in the health of the plant. Do not skimp on the medium.

Update 07-13

In just 3 weeks, a noticeable difference in the two.

The replanted one on the left is now about 10″ tall. The one left in pure potting soil has not grown at all.


So it’s clear. The type of medium in regards to density DOES make a difference.