Make Your Own Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed is rich in trace elements. Some say it will release over 70 nutrients into your soil. It can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your plants.

Collection is fairly easy. I just grab a 10 gallon bucket, walk down to the beach at low tide and scoop up handfuls of it.

Be aware though, in most places seaweed collection is highly regulated. It is considered a marine plant. In some places it is even necessary to obtain a license. So be sure to check your local laws before gathering.

One five gallon bucket for me will produce enough fertilizer for the summer to cover at least 100 square feet.

How To Make

Fill a five gallon bucket half way with seaweed.
Add water to the top of the bucket.
Let it sit for about a week, stirring it once a day.

To fertilize

Feed your plants about one cup of the liquid per plant twice per week.

When the liquid is gone, refill the bucket again. The seaweed will be weaker the next time around. But this is perfectly fine.
It’s wise to cut back on the fertilizer as the season progresses. Flowering should start to occur after the second bucket is gone anyways and that’s the time to slow down on feeding.

When the season is over, just toss the remaining seaweed into the compost pile.