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Do You Sell Seeds & What Planet Are You From? Q&A

In this week’s Q&A I answer the following questions: 1. Why are you wasting your time on bolting lettuce? Yank the crap out and throw it away 2. Why did you have the seat belt on? 3. Why don’t you sell seeds? 4. You ramble way too much 5. If you lay wood chips, you’ll … Read more

Lasagna Gardening – The No Till Composting System

If you hate digging and turning your compost, then lasagna gardening just might be the ticket for you.  I’ve done it a little on a small bed, but this is the first year I’ve tried it on a larger bed (3’x10′). The system works by layering (hence the term lasagna) your browns and green, alternating … Read more

The Benefits of Growing a Vertical Garden

Before using the Greenstalk Vertical Grow System, I always believed the best way to garden was either directly in the ground or in raised beds. I never considered using any kind of vertical system. My reasons were varied. However, my greatest concern was crowding. I assumed that cramming too much into one space would certainly … Read more

Cutting Runners On Strawberry Plants

What is a runner? A runner is a shoot or stem coming from the root of some plants. These “shoots” are produced by all June-bearing strawberry plants and most ever-bearing and day-neutral strawberry varieties. Strawberry plants produce runners to propagate themselves. This is basically how the plant reproduces.  It lays down the runner looking for … Read more

Growing Maqui Berries

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of blueberries, acai berries,, strawberries and other fruits. But few people have heard about the Maqui Berry.  In fact, I hadn’t heard of it until recently. I was given a few seeds from a friend through our local gardening club. I planted them, not expecting much. However they … Read more

Growing Ashitaba (ANGELICA KEISKEI) Longevity Herb

I received a few seeds labeled “ASHITABA” from a viewer .  That was it. No other info. So I set out trying to find more information. Apparently this herb is native to China and can grow up to 6 feet high. The one thing that intrigued me most about it, was the fact that it … Read more