Best Tomatoes To Grow Indoors

One question I get asked all the time is, “How can I grow tomatoes all year round?”
First off, there is no secret to growing them, no magic potion or special elixir. If there was, I could never do it.

Of course many factors come into play when growing tomatoes indoors, like the amount of light, the right growing medium, pests and of course temperature.
But the number one rule is, pick the right variety.
You would be hard pressed to grow 8′ beefsteak tomatoes indoors unless you want to spend $100/month on lighting alone.
The benefit would certainly not outweigh the cost.

When picking a variety, you want ones that are fairly compact, abundant producers and disease resistant. It’s always best to scour the internet and research forums to get others opinion regarding growing habits, and more importantly, taste.
Also don’t be afraid to try out a few hybrids. Many of them have been bred for the sole purpose of indoor growing.
This is a “mystery” f1 hybrid I’m currently stabilizing









Below is a list of tomato varieties I’ve personally grown indoors. I’ve excluded any varieties that were sub standard like disease intolerant, lack luster performance and horrible taste.
This list consists of mediocre to incredible. I’ve noted my favorites.
I’ve also included the hybrids I’ve grown.

Micro Tom (world’s smallest tomato. not a heavy producer but on the list for its uniqueness.. F1 Hybrid)
New Yorker
Patio (F1 Hybrid)
Red Robin
Siberia (not to be confused with Siberian)
Sprite (grape) *a favorite
Sweet N Neat Cherry (F1 Hybrid)
Tiny Tim *a favorite
Windowbox Roma (F1 Hybrid) * a favorite