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Free Gardening e-Books

I love to read. I specifically love to read gardening books. But my appetite for knowledge can get quite expensive.
Well, I’ve found a way around that. Ebooks.

No longer do I have to shell out $20 every time I’m hungry for a good book.
The past is full of great authors free for the asking. Just surf through the list I’ve compiled here. All free. Some dating back over 100 years. The best thing about them? They can be downloaded to your ipad, iphone, android phone etc. Take them with you everywhere you go.

The List


A Book of Gardens by Alfred H. Hyatt (1913)

Another FREE abook written by Alfred H. Hyatt, 1913 added to our list

As the darkest hour is said to be just before the dawn, so the point where spring and winter meet may prove the most comfortless of seasons. Frost has disheartened the tender springing that had begun among green things under the earth…..

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The Back Yard Farmer by John Willard Bolte (1914)

Another FREE ebook written by John Willard Bolte, 1914 added to our list

Every home should be surrounded by a beautiful and artistic yard. Almost all appreciate this fact, and it will not bear argument, but there is considerable divergence of opinion as to the best way to make the yard beautiful.
The keynote of landscape beauty is harmony……..

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Farming by Richard Kendall Munkittrick (1891)

Another FREE ebook written by Richard Kendall Munkittrick. 1891 added to our list

I had always had a wild ambition to be a farmer, and be far from the hurly-burly of metropolitan life. Of farming I knew nothing but what I had heard from people who delighted in ridiculing its independence, as well as in looking at it from a serious standpoint, in order to prove it a comic occupation……….

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