Sew A Face Mask From An Old T-Shirt or Fabric

I first uploaded this video “How to make a mask” 07-08-2020. I promptly took it down about 10 hours later.
The reason being? The hate I got for it. When your video gets more dislikes than likes, you know something is wrong.
Now, I am not apologizing for uploading it because I don’t spend my life regretting my actions, But Romans 12:18 tells us we are to be at peace with all people.

I understand the controversy surrounding the wearing of masks. I am also compassionate towards the feelings of others. Those who want to wear one and those that think wearing one deprives them of their civil liberties.
I am in neither camp. I wear a mask when I go into stores because of the people around me.
I am not in the elderly group affected by Covid 19 so I can’t relate to the fear that these people have.

Because of my commitment to be at peace with everyone I can,  I desire to make them feel more comfortable whether their fears are justified or not. So this is why I do it.
If for one second, I thought my liberties were being infringed upon, I would be the first person to stand loud and tall against it, but this is not the time.
I wear a mask for the people around me that I love and respect. Not because I believe the medical institutions, not because I believe the Government, not because I believe the angry people around me that tell me I must.
I wear it for the peace of mind it gives to the elderly around me who are most affected by this virus. No other reason.
So for those people, I made this video.
And I should also mention that I make no claims as to whether cloth masks work against viruses. Use at your own risk.

Thanks for understanding