Harbor Freight 10 x 12 Greenhouse Modifications

After purchasing the 10 x 12 Harbor Freight Greenhouse, It became evident there were other modifications that needed to be done.
Scouring the internet revealed a plethora of people complaining about how flimsy it was. I neglected to act right away, which became my worst nightmare.

After about 2 weeks, we had a slight wind and it knocked 2 of the panels off.
Not thinking this was a big deal, I put them back on and added a few extra clips. 1 month later, we had a fairly big wind storm.
The next morning I went out to find that half of my panels were blown off and two of them were snapped right in half.
I knew it was now time to act.
I order twice as many clips as the greenhouse came with.
I secured the panels using every clip I had thinking I was finished.
Well, I wasn’t. Just a few weeks later we had a major windstorm. I’m talking a blowout.
This time, not only did most of my panels blow off, It twisted the greenhouse sideways and collapsed it right to the ground.
I was furious.
So I set out on a mission to solve the problems.
This video will show my modifications.