FREE Gardening e-books

A Book Of Gardens – Alfred H. Hyatt (1913)

A Garden With House Attached – Sarah Warner Brooks (1904)

A Study Of Factors Influencing Fruitfulness In Apples – Cleo Claude Wiggans (1918)

An Introduction To Vegetable Physiology – Joseph Reynolds Green (1900)

Around The Year In The Garden – Frederick Frye Rockwell (1917)

Every Man His Own Gardener – John Abercrombie, Thomas Mawe (1787)

Farm and Garden Rule Book – Liberty Hyde Bailey (1911)

Farming – Richard Kendall Munkittrick (1891)

Four Seasons In The Garden – Eben Eugene Rexford (1907)

Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers – Frank Duane Gardner (1918)

Garden Planning – William Snow Rogers (1911)

Garden Vegetables, And How To Cultivate Them – Fearing Burr (1866)

Gardening and Farming – Ellen Eddy Shaw (1911)

Grow Your Own Vegetables – Stanley Currie Johnson (1918)

History of Cultivated Vegetables – Henry Colburn and Company (1822)

Home Gardening Vegetables and Flowers – Benjamin Franklin Albaugh (1915)

How to Make the Garden Pay – Tuisco Greiner (1890)

Pear Culture for Profit – Patrick T. Quinn (1892)

Putnam’s Vegetable Book – Mae Savell Croy (1917)

Some Insects Injurious to Garden and Orchard Crops – Frank Hurlbut Chittenden (1899)

Strawberry Growing – Stevenson Whitcomb Fletcher (1917)

The American Kitchen Gardener – Thomas Green Fessenden (1856)

The Apple, What It Is, How To Grow It – Kansas State Horticultural Society (1898)

The Apple Tree – Liberty Hyde Bailey (1922)

The Back Yard Farmer – John Willard Bolte (1914)

The Book of Market Gardening – R. Lewis Castle (1906)

The Book of the Apple – Harry Higgott Thomas (1902)

The Book of Pears and Plums – Edward Bartrum 1903

The Field and Garden Vegetables of America – Fearing Burr (1874)

The Forcing Book – Liberty Hyde Bailey (1897)
A Manual of the Cultivation of Vegetables in Glass Houses

The Fruits and Fruit Trees of America – Andrew Jackson Downing (1900)

The Illustrated Strawberry Culturist – Andrew Samuel Fuller (1911

The Practical Book of Outdoor Rose Growing For The Home Garden – George Clifford Thomas (1914)





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