Recommended Reading

It’s raining today and the forecast is for a lot more of it the next few days. I decided to pull a few books off the shelf to flip through and gain inspiration. I’ve mentioned before that I have 4 huge bookshelves full of gardening, survival and homesteading books, so the task was daunting. What do I read?
After staring for 15 minutes wondering what to pick, I decided to pull three of my favorites, ones that I thought I could share with my readers.

#1 The Holistic Orchard by Michael Phillips



Great instructional book for the small grower. In The Holistic Orchard, Michael Phillips shows you how to adapt to nature rather than try to change it.

His healthy, holistic approach to maintaining an orchard is a refreshing change from the standard teachings of modern orchardists.

#2 Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza



Lasagna gardening is a no till, little work way to generated compost by layering. No turning or taking your soils’ temperature. Just stack your browns and greens alternating between each. Let it sit for a few months and then plant. Gardening can’t get any simpler that this.


#3 Four Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman



Four Season Harvest is all about growing year round. This book has been the standard for so many people wanting to grow food for their families all year long.