First Frost in The Greenhouse

Last night was our first good frost. It got down to 25 degs. I have 2 tomato plants (the Noah’s Grape) that I need to keep from freezing.
Here, I show you how I do it.

10 Reasons To Own a Greenhouse

I decided to take a trip out to the greenhouse the day after Christmas. It was 29 degrees outside and 52 degrees in the greenhouse.
I just sat in the chair thinking how thankful I was to have a place to go where it’s warm, life is going on and my joy of gardening is not stifled by the weather.
So, it was then I decided to jot down 10 reasons why I love my greenhouse so much. And then I decided to do a video on 10 reasons why everyone should own one.
So here is the video:

How To Make Your Own Grow Bags

After many requests from my video “How To Make Your Own Grow Bags”
I decided to lay out the gallon sizes and dimensions for the fabric needed to make them.
You can make these in any size you desire.
In the first video, I explain the process of making them.
In the second video, I show how to layout the fabric and calculate the dimensions.

First Video “How To Make Your Own Grow Bags

Second Video “How To Calculate Fabric For Making Grow Bags

Dimension Chart