Transplanting Lavender Cuttings In Raised Bed

In my video Propagating and Growing Lavender From Cutting, I showed how to start them in a small cup or pot.
Now that they have had a couple of months to take root and grow a little, it’s time to put them in their permanent home.

I have a raised bed out at the edge of my back yard. They will get plenty of morning sun.

The soil

I worked in a little vermiculite into the existing soil to make it nice and soft to allow the roots to grow down into the bed. It’s critical that you minimize shock when transplanting any kind of seedling. So I am trying to imitate the soil in the pot.

Dig a hole just big enough to set the plant down at the same depth it was in the pot. You do not want to bury them deeper than they were.

Water the seedling well, very well. I will not fertilize them at this point. I want them to get established in their new home before feeding.

Making Compost, What To Add What Not To Add

In this video, I discuss what to add and what not to add to a compost.
I basically consider my compost a raw vegan, with the exception of eggshells. I believe eggshells are a great source of calcium.

I do not add and animal manure to my pile. I have so much vegetable and fruit scraps I feel it is unnecessary. You can however add those if you like, as long as your pile heats up well to break down any pathogens.



How To Build A Raised Bed Super Cheap

Build a raised bed for your vegetables for little money.
This bed has been going strong for 9 years with little sign of wear.
I only used 4 – 2×4’s. If you shop around, you can get them cheap. I bought these for about $1.5 each. So total cost was only about $6.

Endless Supply of Green Onions

In a previous video, I discussed growing green onions from store bought. I hadn’t considered just how long these would last.

After my raised beds suffered through relentless winter and many months of neglect, harvesting green onions was the last thing on my mind. However, as I was walking along the beds today, I discovered a surprise. Not only did the onions survive, they are thriving. What a great gift to see after a long and arduous winter. So, never give up on your garden. It just might surprise you.

Endless supply of Green Onions