We frequently get asked “how can I help”?

We appreciate people that share the same vision we do. Spreading the knowledge of gardening and independence.

What we do with our resources
We provide seeds, helpful instruction and education to others around the world to start and maintain gardens to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for their families and communities.
All monies donated by generous people, go to fund these projects.

There are three ways you can help.

  1. We are always looking for experienced gardeners to grow out our seed. This is a win win situation for all participants. The grower keeps the vegetables and we get the seeds. Of course we do encourage growers to save enough seeds for themselves to grow again the following year. If you are interested in becoming a grower, please contact us
  2. If you are a gardener and like to save seeds, we are always happy to accept seed donations. This allows us to provide more resources for needy gardens around the world. If you feel lead to donate, please contact us.
  3. We have started a Patreon page where people can donate monetarily to help us help others. This greatly expands our resources and our ability to help others by donating seeds, teaching gardening classes and providing other resources.

I want to personally thank each and every one who so generously gives to the “Grow Your Heirlooms” projects. – Tom