Yearly Archives: 2012

DIY Make Your Own Watering Can

DIY Make your own watering can from a choice of dozens of plastic containers lying around the house.

Growing Radishes Indoors Under Grow Lights

Today I started my radishes in containers to grow indoors in my grow room.
Growing radishes is probably the easiest of all vegetables to grow.

Growing Apple Trees From Seed and Grafting on Root Stock

This is a response to my planting apple seeds in my grow room.
Many people are growing apple trees from seed only to find disappointing results. In this video I’ll explain why it is better to graft your scion onto a root stock

Indoor Gardening Grow Room Tour

A tour of my 2012 indoor winter grow room.

Seed Starting Mix – Choosing The Right One

Why is it so important to choose the right seed starting mix? In this video I will explain what happens when you DON’T use the right mix and what happens when you choose the correct one.

Prepping, Survival Gardening & Hunger in America – Part 2

My continued rant about the necessity of gardening and growing your own food for independence

Prepping, Survival Gardening & Hunger in America – Part 1

My thoughts on what the hunger problem in America is. And also the possible solution.

Saving Columbine Seeds

The columbines are done blooming. And now is the time to collect the seeds before the wind decides to do it for me.


Repotting Windowbox Roma

The Windowbox Roma was looking a little peaked so I assumed it was the potting mix. I re-potted only 1 of the 2 and show the results.